Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Leggings Tips for Fall Outfit

Leggings have been wardrobe staple and favorite with women. Apart from keeping you warm, they keeps you stay cool and chic when paired with a simple outfit. Leggings look amazing on women of all body types – short, tall, curvy or slim, as long as you wear them correctly. Here let’s find out how to pull off the seasons hottest legwear.
Wear Leggings with a Simple Dress
You can look cool and stylish by simply wearing your leggings with a dress.  Pair a solid colored shirt dress with a patterned leggings for a stylish daily look. And if you have a favorite dress that’s just a bit too short to wear by itself, try pairing it with some leggings in a color just a Leggings go perfectly with different types of dresses, but remember, do not allow the length of the dress to go beyond your knees. What’s more, many summery dresses can be worn into fall and winter if you layer it with a long cardigan and a scarf. Teaming your leggings with dress, jacket and tall boots would be a fabulous choice for fall/winter styles, as well as saving your budget.
Slim-Fit Printed Leggins
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Sexy Sheer Block Leggings
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Pair Leggings with Long Tops
Wearing leggings with a long top is the best for a chic casual look. But keep in mind, leggings are not pants. Leggings are skin-hugging and might look downright tacky if worn with anything that ends above the tights. Yet it’s still a good idea and elegant way to wear with a printed tunic top, loose fit kaftan blouse or a long knit sweater which ends mid-thigh. What’s more, a long belted shirt and jacket are also ideal tops for leggings.
Trendy Slim-Fit Printed Leggings
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Hawaii Style Floral Skinny Leggings
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Pair Leggings with a Skirt
Pairing leggings with a skirt has also been a popular trend for style, which will perfectly help you flaunt your legs worrying the short length of skirts. For chic street style, teaming up leggings with a denim skirt, is a smart move.
Stylish Poker Printed Leggings
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Try these styles and you are sure to get many heads turning to you!
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